How much does it cost to rent out my unused garden space through PotPlace?


Occupancy Agreement, Management & Support Pricing

Earn a generous weekly rental income by renting out your spare backyard space to a friendly cannabis gardener.

As you’ve probably heard, cultivation of up to 2 cannabis plants per person (to a maximum of 4 per property) without the use of artificial light or heat was legalized in the Australian Capital Territory on the 31st of January, 2020.

Each property can support a maximum of 2 separate marijuana-friendly garden plots – and with individual plots expected to fetch rental prices of $80 or more a week – it’s an easy and profitable way to get the most out of your unused garden space.

From advertising through to occupant criminal and background screening, open home conciergecontract preparation, legal compliance and even representation at the ACT Civil & Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) if ever necessary; our affordable pricing structure covers everything involved in finding a suitable, paying “occupant” for your designated cannabis growing space.

Advertising & Photography

Legally Binding Contracts & Ongoing Support

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