Marijuana-Friendly Land for Rent

Keen to grow your own organic, personalized strain of weed but don’t have a safe or legal space in the ACT to do it?

Find the perfect place to grow up to 2 marijuana plants per person with our dedicated portal and specially designed legal contracts that give you peace of mind and security.

We provide discrete, professional and legal marijuana-friendly land for rent within the Australian Capital Territory with a legally binding Occupancy Agreement – drafted by our prestigious and highly-respected legal partners at Chamberlain’s Law Firm – that although untested, provide the legal framework to legally rent out a portion of ACT residential land to be used as a home by someone looking to grow cannabis lawfully as per the Drugs of Dependence Act 1987 and the Residential Tenancies Act 1997.

Great for the Economy!

Founded by a born-and-bred Canberran entrepeneur and centered around Australia’s first ever laws providing the framework for a legal and taxpaying business, is dedicated to providing those with unused garden space in the ACT an easy and effortless way to earn extra cash each week.

This means a simple way to make rent a little more affordable or a great way to increase the “yield” of your rental property without having to fork out an arm and a leg for renovations.

Local & Legally-Backed

As an ACT borne company ourselves, we’ve partnered with expert legal firm and proud Canberran’s, Chamberlain’s Law Firm, to draft our contracts and ensure compliance with ACT legislation and law.

Although our contracts are untested, they are founded on a solid legal basis, and comply with all aspects of the spirit of the amendments made to the Drugs of Dependence Act 1989 by the ACT Government.

Exclusive Support & Advice

As part of the PotPlace service, all contracts are advised and mediated over by our team in order to ensure compliance and fairness in the first instance. We help both our Grantor’s (ACT Household’s with Unused Garden Space) and Occupant’s (Cannabis Growers and Enthusiasts) have their rights respected while providing continuing advice and support in helping all parties remain legally compliant.

In cases where a Grantor believes their rights have been infringed upon by an Occupant or an agreement is called into question in the ACT Civil & Administrative Tribunal, we stand ready and willing to represent our Grantor’s – as long as a Grantor is a subscriber to our service and abides by’s Terms and Conditions.

We will also aim to represent our client’s outside of the ACAT process where the question of lawful legality of our contracts is questioned, so long as our operation allows.

How does it work?


Are you looking for an ideal space to grow marijuana in the ACT, up to 2 plants per person per plot, as allowed under the new ACT legislation amendments provided in the Drugs of Dependency Act 1989?

Or do you have unused space in the garden sitting empty and going to waste, and are looking for a way to capitalize on what you’re not using by renting it out legally to a grower?

Whether you’re interested in becoming an Occupant or a Grantor, we’ve got you covered! With our legal agreements – approved and drafted by our expert Canberran legal partners at Chamberlain’s Law Firm – we provide a legal framework and space to capitalize on these new legal changes.

Pick the button below which best describes your interest and learn more about the process, costs and how it all works.


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