About Us

PotPlace was founded in the Australian Capital Territory on the 31st of January, 2020; the very day that marijuana was legalized for the first time in Australian history.

Created by self-confessed marijuana enthusiast and entrepeneur, Michael Tolhurst, PotPlace is the first company dedicated to the legal, domestic cultivation of cannabis in the history of Australia.

While the introduction of the Drugs of Dependence (Cannabis Reform) Act 2019 is a monumental leap in the right direction for cannabis legislation, it fails to create any sort of legitimate market for those wishing to acquire marijuana for their therepeutic or medicinal needs.

Unfortunately, this forces lovers of cannabis into a seedy, unregulated and illegal black market – essentially forced to commit a crime – just because no legal alternative exists.

Or at least, that WOULD be the case…

Luckily, the brilliant minds behind PotPlace have a MUCH better idea!

Dedicated to helping cannabis lovers across Australia – starting right here in the ACT, the birthplace of our nation’s impending marijuana renaissance – PotPlace exists to provide a completely legal way for people to gain access to their favourite plant; all without the hassle of dodgy drug dealers, nasty pesticides and dangerous-to-human growth hormones.

Utilizing our combined expertise on real estate, legal, horticulture and technology, we begin our mission by offering private plots of marijuana-friendly backyard land in the ACT for rent to those living in places that just aren’t suitable for growing cannabis plants. This gives members of the wider community a chance to earn an honest weekly income for their unused space; extra spending money for many Canberran’s to spend on local businesses and throughout the community.

On top of our world-first backyard rental scheme, we also provide professional, legal and discrete cannabis horticulture services. For a small weekly fee, any marijuana-enthusiast can hire one of the ACT’s top marijuana farmers to regularly visit their property and cultivate their own personally chosen strain of weed. This is done completely organically, free of cancer-causing pesticides and nasty growth hormones and with a 100% money-back guarantee that each plant will yield a minimum total of 2 pounds over the plant’s growth cycle.

More than just a business, though, PotPlace is a chance for the voices of the marijuana community to be heard and respected. For too long, those that have found recreational or medicinal solace in the completely natural fibres of the cannabis plant have been stereotyped and marginalized by society. We’re here to show people the truth – that marijuana does not make you “stupid” or “unintelligent” or “lazy” – but in fact drives empathy, breeds unimaginable creativity and unburdens huge numbers of those suffering a wide variety of medical conditions from a life of constant pain and agony.

So, if you support the recent changes to cannabis legislation in the Australian Capital Territory, join us as we help reshape our local economy, provide countless new and exciting jobs to those who need them most, smash the seedy and untaxed black market and show our fellow Australian’s just how much potential this natural, magical plant has to offer!

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