Renting space with room to “grow” within the ACT, 100% legally.

How does it work? is a local, Canberra born Real Estate portal dedicated to the letting of designated garden space to those wishing to grow marijuana, all 100% legally and by the book. Using our special, legally binding – whilst in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 – agreements and contracts, we are providing anybody who has unused garden space at their place the ability to earn $80-$100+ extra cash each week in exchange for allowing a lawful, marijuana-friendly place to grow cannabis in the ACT.

All rentals posted to PotPlace are completely lawful according to ACT law and will give you a designated space to grow 2 plants per person of cannabis lawfully at an ACT address. This is all done up front and 100% by the book as set out in both the Drugs of Dependence (Personal Cannabis Use) Amendment Act 2019 as well as the Residential Tenancies Act 1997, guaranteeing both parties rights and allowing access for legitimate and honest marijuana users who, for whatever reason, can’t grow at their own property a space.

This gives good, honest people who may live in apartments, units and other unsuitable places a way to acquire cannabis lawfully, as is the spirit of the new legislation. All in exchange for a bit of extra spending money each week!

Cannabis-Friendly Properties Currently for Rent

Marijuana-Friendly Growing Space in Belconnen!

Located in a quiet and secluded location within the greater Belconnen region is this beautiful marijuana-friendly growing spot waiting to be claimed....Read More→

Maintained Marijuana Plot (2 Plants)

You are the legal Occupant of a designated space where 2 marijuana plants will be grown on your behalf by the owner...Read More→

Single Marijuana Plot (2 Plants)

In this spot a marijuana grower can grow up to 2 plants 100% legally within ACT law. An owner could have more...Read More→

Dual Marijuana Spot (2 Occupants, 4 Plants)

In this spot a “joint occupancy” of 2 people can rent out a space to legally grow 2 plants each, or 4...Read More→

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